Participants required for a study related to Diabetic Foot Disease

Researchers from the School of Computing, Ulster University (Jordanstown Campus) are conducting research to investigate the accuracy of a computer system that can detect early signs of Diabetic Foot Disease (DFD).

Project Information

Diabetic Foot Disease may present as hotspots/inflammation on the soles of the feet. The system that has been developed uses a thermal camera and smartphone application to detect these hotspots by comparing temperature clusters on both feet. The purpose of this study is to determine whether the system can accurately detect the presence of a hotspot on the sole of the foot.

Participation in the study will involve being seated for approximately 40 minutes with your feet and legs supported. A tripod with a smartphone and thermal camera will be used to take photographs of the soles of your feet. To be eligible to participate you must be a person with diabetes, aged between 18 and 80. The study will take place in the Podiatry Clinic on the Jordanstown Campus.

If you are interested in taking part or would like some further information, please contact –

Dr Susan Quinn, (School of Computing)

Catherine Saunders, (School of Computing)

This e-mail and the study to which it applies have been approved by the School of Nursing/Health Sciences Research Ethics Filter Committee.

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