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Excellence in research at Ulster envisions an internationally-engaged, research-led university, where both disciplinary excellence and impactful interdisciplinary research are undertaken across our strategic themes of: 

The outcomes will have global relevance and contribute to the social, economic and cultural betterment of Northern Ireland and will also play a critical role in fulfilling our civic commitment and informing student learning.

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Listen to some of our researchers describe some of their current research projects selected from the four strategic themes listed below.

Dr Claire McCauley, Institute of Nursing and Health ResearchHealthy communities research
11 videos

Our Healthy Communities research covers a number of key areas including: Mental health, ageing, health innovation and policy, sport for life, history and heritage.

John Bustard, Ulster University Business SchoolSustainability research
3 videos

Our Sustainability research covers a number of key areas including: Urban renewal, energy and the environment, national infrastructure, food security, digital futures.

Dr Victoria McCollum, Arts and Humanities Research InstituteCreativity and culture research
7 videos

Our Creativity and Culture research covers a number of key areas including: Creative economy, cultural diversity, design, media & the arts, innovation and creative entrepreneurship.