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A suite of assessment tools, supported by an extensive resource of training courses, have been developed and are available for Ulster staff and partners preparing and conducting GCRF projects, including:

  • Skills gaps analysis (or training needs analysis) via web and mobile platforms, based upon best practice established via the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF)
  • A framework and supporting templates assisting Researcher Personal Development Planning
  • Bespoke training analysis tools for NGOs – to assess baseline capacity and generate staff development priorities in line with organisational growth
  • A growing suite of online, webinar and workshop based training resources, mapped against the RDF - including events in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages
  • Custom made training courses, for example Aligning with GCRF Priorities, Ethics and Governance for International Research, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Transdisciplinary Research, Building Global Partnerships, and Creating International Impact
  • Online collaboration and seminar delivery tools
  • Attendance certificate and CPD credit collection and reflective journal

DOCC resources

DOCC resources are via

Access requests

Access requests to Dr Patrick Dunlop (

DOCC is a live project with additional resources being co-developed with a range of stakeholder organisations and added periodically.

The DOCC project is funded by the Department for Economy (DfE) via the GCRF Pump Priming Call administered by Research and Impact, Ulster University.