Daire McGill PhD Student

Research Institute
Transitional Justice Institute
Room 21D63
Dalriada House
Ulster University
Co. Antrim
BT37 0QB
+44(0)2890 366577

Title of Project: Resilience and Inclusiveness: Examining the Links

Start date: 2014

Daire holds a BA in Latin American Studies from the University of Liverpool (2005) and an MSc in Globalization and Development from the University of London's Institute of Commonwealth Studies (2007).  He spent some years after graduation working as a teacher and translator.  His PhD project will examine the emerging concept of resilience to violent conflict; its interaction with questions of state legitimacy, equality and inclusiveness; and the wider spatial and political economy dimensions.  Other academic issues of interest include state formation and statebuilding, manifestations of everyday and structural violence, the impact of diverse development strategies, and power disparities within international relations.