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We have a vibrant community of international doctoral students, please see below current list


Title of Thesis

Mohammed Al Maqbali

Fatigue management in cancer care


Julie-Ann Walkden

Can telehealth and care technology be effective in the targeting of health and social care provision for people with dementia


Olufikayo Bamidele

Work, men and prostate cancer – an exploratory study


Esther-Ruth Beck

End of life care and dementia


Nicole Blackburn

Musculoskeletal Impact of Breast Reconstruction


Cathal Breen

An investigation of novel ECG interpretation techniques to enhance patient care


Ciara Campbell

Objectively measured physical activity in adults with musculoskeletal disorders


Martina Conway

The development of a continuing professional development programme for nurses working with older persons with an intellectual disability


Neal Cook

Development of a student centred portfolio to support learning and development in practice learning settings within the context of person-centred care


Yvonne Corcoran

Moving beyond technology:  exploring the identity of mothers and maternal role attainment in families with a 'technology-dependent' child being cared for at home


Helen Coulter

Effective interventions for young people with Autism - The use of biofeedback


Jose Couto

Education of radiographers (diagnostic and therapy) in the European Union


Nikki Daniels

Impact on practice and policy of the engagement and involvement of practitioners in health and social care research


Judith Elwood

The effect of the perceived birth experience on mother-infact interaction


Anne Fee

Developing and testing of a supportive intervention for older male caregivers


Gabrielle Fitzpatrick

Evaluating the train the trainers programme


James Gallagher

The use of social media in the prevention of suicide among young people:  exploration and development of a meaningful intervention


Teresa Gilleece

An exploration of the psycho sexual experiences of partners living with men following a diagnoses of prostate cancer


Mary Gillespie

Maximising the benefits of Avatar technology to meet the pregnancy and birth needs of women who have a disability


Deborah Goode

The experience of meeting person centred mentla health needs in the emergency department


Michael Graham

'Keeping my mind strong': Enabling young people to discuss and explore the concept of stigma in mental health though narrative and arts based research (ABR)


Olivia Gray

The influence of key performance indicators on decision making for nursing and midwifery practice


Teresa Greene

To develop and test an education programme for fitness/gym instructors to support people with intellectual disabilities to access physical activity programmes


Deirdre Harkin

Improving pain management in patients with dementia in acute settings


Anita Harron

Is it possible to design a feasible, universal school based trans-disciplinary programme to enhance working memory which will improve attention and listening in 4-5 year old children?


Natalie Hegarty

Effectiveness of Therapy for Speech Sound Disorders in Children – a feasibility study


Eric Hegedus

Physical Performance Tests and their role in injury, re-injury and injury prevention


Medbh Hillyard

Physical activity levels of pregnant and postpartum women who have complex healthcare needs such as diabetes, asthma or obesity


Sarah Howes

Serious computer games for physical and cognitive training in older people


Zilah Huddleston

Effectiveness of community-based brief interventions for self-harm: A comparison of different approaches


Laura Hutchinson

An exploration of pregnant women’s concerns about the transfer of medications into breast milk


Anne Johnston

Development and testing of a school based physical activity programme for young people with intellectual disabilities


Andrea Jones

In vitro investigation into increasing the efficiency of larval therapy


Rosemary Kelly

Exploring person-centred practice within a 100% single room acute-care hospital environment


Seana Kerr

The Sonic Environment in antenatal education for the Alpha Generation: Exploring sound and music as the conduit between the world of parents, their fetus and maternity providers


Shannen Laird

Perceived exertion, fatigue, pain and exercise in people with FMS: an experimental study


John Larkin

A study exploring the attitudes, social pressures and other factors that contribute to the drinking behaviour of young men in the ROI


Aminkeng Leke

Maternal use of antipsychotic medication in pregnancy


Susan Leneghan

Domestic abuse: how do health professionals respond?


Alison Little

Medication behaviour of pregnant women: Online, prescribed and over the counter


Sarah MacAulay

An evaluation of UK weight management interventions for obese pregnant women during and after pregnancy


Anita Mallon

Integrating palliative care: promoting shared decision making in intensive care practice


Joanne Marley

Development of an intervention to increase physical activity in patients with chronic pain


Leonard McCammon

Burnout and associated psychiatric morbidity in UK general practitioners


Adrienne McCann

A qualitative study into upper-limb musculoskeletal overuse and injury in spinal cord injury: the log-term impact of manual wheelchair usage


Sharon McCloskey

Promoting resiliency in parents of children with complex physical healthcare needs through the development of a structured parent support programme


Donna McConnell

How patients experience person centred care in A&E


Lauri McDermott

The effects of a rehabilitation intervention on physiological and biochemical correlates in cancer survivors


Helena McElhinney

An exploration of professionals' decision-making processes on the rational for why women with learning disabilities have their children removed


Laura McLaughlin

As assessment of clinical interpretation of medical images and diagnostic accuracy with the aid of eye tracking technology


Julia McMullan

An exploration of self-harm websites


IIona McMullan

To investigate the association between physical activity and balance, falls and mobility in older adults


Peter Mulhall

Overcoming barriers, enhancing quality: trials involving adults with an intellectual disability


Fiona Murphy

Explore how individuals living with peritoneal dialysis 'make sense' of their sexuality


Hayat Mushcab

Management of Diabetes as a Chronic Disease


Deirdre O'Donnell

What are the components of a person-centred nursing curriculum that influence the development of person-centred practice in pre-registration nurses


Marie O'Neill

Mental health and wellbeing as perceived by care home residents


Orlagh O'Shea

Physical Activity in patients with COPD


Karen Palmer

Creating a Health Promotion Culture within Intellectual Disability Organisation settings


Yogesh Parajuli

Cognitive and educational outcomes in children with spina bifida aged 5-11 years


Lucia Ramsey

Hand splinting in rheumatoid arthritis


Victor Robinson

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


Alanna Rogan

Function and physical activity in survivors of critical illness following discharge from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)


Hafi Saad

Prevalence, causes and sequelae of congential heart disease in NI: a data linkage study


Lorna Semple

Optimising pressure ulcer prevention: exploring applications and effectiveness of the SKIN bundle


Mu'Ath Tanash

Exploring cardiovascular risk management in Jordanian patients with diabetes


Daniel Topley

Re-ferral to musculoskeletal physiotherapy outpatient departments


Beverley Turtle

Mirror box therapy and stroke