About Coastal Systems Research Group

We examine coastal geomorphic change at timescales from millennia to seconds, with a focus on the decadal to centennial scale.

Coasts are complex, dynamic systems whose form and ecology are influenced by a range of interacting variables. They provide a range of ecosystem services of value to humankind. Present concerns over the influence of climate change and sea level rise are particularly pertinent at the coast.

Against this background the work of the Coastal Systems' group focuses on:

  • understanding the spatial and temporal variability in coastal geomorphology and ecology and the linkages between them
  • mechanisms for sustainable coastal management.

Our spatial scale of investigation ranges from a few metres of a single beach, to regional and global comparisons of coastal landforms. In coastal management, our research assesses the utility of various societal approaches to CZM and the constraints imposed by human values and organisational structures. This is done within the context of evolving legislative drivers at national and EU level. The group's work contributes directly to the societal debate on responding to the impacts of future climate change and sea-level rise.

The Coastal Systems Group examines the following areas of research:

Research Projects