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Optometry and Vision Science Research

Our research is important to us ,and our group bring together a diverse number of researchers, but all with a focus on clinically relevant vision research employing the best techniques to optimise measurement of visual function and structure.  Our expertise includes a broad range of psychophysical techniques, higher-order aberrations, high-resolution OCT and photographic imaging and computational analysis of data in Matlab and R.

Below are the projects that our group are currently working on.

Please see our publication list for further details of research findings from our group.

Myopia & NICER Study

The Northern Ireland Childhood Errors of Refraction (NICER) study is the largest study in the UK or Ireland to examine how children's vision changes through childhood and adolescence

Visual disorders in Special needs

investigation of visual processing and optical performance of children with developmental disabilities, including Down syndrome and cerebral palsy

Using our Vision in daily life

projects which aim to explore visual function across a wide range of activities and tasks in daily life.

Structural and functional investigation of the visual system

studies investigating the structure and function of the visual system both in the healthy and diseased eye.

Novel ophthalmic imaging

We are currently involved in research using novel ophthalmic imaging including Retinal and Anterior segment OCT, In-vivo photoreceptor imaging, slit lamp photography and confocal corneal imaging.