Research at NICHE

At NICHE our research is very varied, use the links below to find our more about our current research topics.

Bone densitometry

CENA – Centre for Excellence in Nutrition and Ageing

The role of nutrition in promoting better health and well-being in ageing.

BodPod (Body Composition)

Energy balance, food choice and nutrition education

Investigating the factors that affect the amount of food that an individual consumes.

Marine bioactives in health and disease

Research within NICHE investigates the effects of marine bioactives.


Understanding the role of microorganisms is fundamental to nutrition.

Nutrition, toxicology and child development

Research in nutrition, toxicology and child development.

Nutritional immunology in health and disease

Researchers in NICHE conduct fundamental research which assess changes in markers of immune function associated with normal physiological and pathological disease processes.

Petri dishes

Phytochemicals and gut microbiota in health and disease

Much of our research is cross-disciplinary and we work closely with other research areas within NICHE, as well as colleagues in Ireland, Britain, Europe and beyond.