REF 2021 Code of Practice

REF 2021 Code of Practice approved

   14 July 2021

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) ‘Guidance on submissions’ (REF 2019/01) requires that each institution submitting to REF2021 develops, documents and applies a Code of Practice on:

  • the fair and transparent identification of staff with significant responsibility for research (SRR);
  • determining who is an independent researcher; and
  • the selection of outputs, including approaches to supporting staff with circumstances.

Ulster's Code of Practice aims to ensure that all members of University staff are aware of the processes that have been put in place in preparation for our submission to the REF and sets out the positive steps we are taking to ensure the identification of staff and the selection of outputs for inclusion in our REF return is completed in a transparent, consistent, accountable and inclusive manner.

Ulster University’s Code of Practice has now been approved by the REF Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel (EDAP)  and Department of the Economy (DfE).

Read the final approved Ulster REF 2021 Code of Practice.

Equality Screening

As part of our CoP we committed to conduct equality screening on the following processes:

  1. the identification of Academic staff with SRR (screening pro-forma);
  2. the identification of Research Only staff with independence (screening pro-forma);
  3. the selection of outputs (screening pro-forma).