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Terms of Reference and Membership

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Calendar of Activities 2019/20


Agenda & MinutesPaper NoPaper Title
2 October 2019CPF/19/12Terms of Reference and Membership
MinutesCPF/19/13Dates of Meetings
 CPF/19/14Template: Exam Paper Presentation - Validated Provision
Template: Coursework Presentation - Validated Provision
Template: Network Moderation
 CPF/19/15Staff Development at CAFRE
 CPF/19/16Students Coded U1
 CPF/19/17Calendar of events 2019-20


Agenda & MinutesPaper NoPaper Title
3 October 2018CPF/18/17 Terms of Reference & Membership
MinutesCPF/18/18Date of Meetings
 CPF/18/19Recording Non-Returning Students and Early Leavers
 CPF/18/20Student Retention
 CPF/18/21Student Success
 CPF/18/22Audit of Admissions
 CPF/18/23 Options for Approval/Accreditation of FdSc Counselling
 CPF/18/24Review of Absence/Attendance Policy and Protocols
 CPF/18/25Principles for Collaborative Partnerships
 CPF/18/26Staff Development
 CPF/18/27Marketing Activity

GDPR and Examination information

23 January 2019 Terms of Reference & Membership
MinutesCPF/19/01Student Retention and Success
 CPF/19/02Attrition, Progression and Success Data 2Y3S: 2017/18
 CPF/19/03Annual Course Review 2017/18
 CPF/19/04Application of the New Degree Algorithm to Foundation Degrees
 CPF/19/05Work-Based Learning Template
 CPF/19/06Marketing Activity
10 April 2019CPF/19/07Key Dates for Articulation Routes
MinutesCPF/19/08Online Application Process
 CPF/19/09Principles for Assuring the Academic Standards and the Quality of the Student Experience on Withdrawn Courses in Partner Institutions
 CPF/19/10Library Services
 CPF/19/11Marketing Activity


Agenda and MinutesPaper NoPaper Title
4 October 2017CPF/17/14New Faculty Structures within Ulster University
MinutesCPF/17/15Terms of Reference and Membership
 CPF/17/16Dates of Meetings 2017/18
 CPF/17/17APEL Audit
 CPF/17/18Student Retention
 CPF/17/19Student Success
 CPF/17/20QAA Quality Review Audit
 CPF/17/21Staff Development
 CPF/17/22Marketing Activities
23 January 2018CPF/18/01APEL Submissions Proforma
MinutesCPF/18/02Annual Notification of Course Delivery Team
 CPF/18/03Audit of GCSE Evidence for 2017 Enrolment
 CPF/18/04Student Retention and Success after resit boards
 CPF/18/052Y3S attrition and success
 CPF/18/06Responsibilities of HE Coordinators
 CPF/18/07Annual Course Review 2016/17
 CPF/18/08University Expectations of Staff Teaching on Ulster university Approved Programmes
 CPF/18/09Conventions for the Naming of Staff and Students in Minutes
18 April 2018CPF/18/10Refined Admissions Procedures for Progressing Students
MinutesCPF/18/11APEL Audit
 CPF/18/12Annual Course Review 2017/18
 CPF/18/13Revalidation/Evaluation Event for HE in FE Staff: The Integrated Curriculum
 CPF/18/14WBL Extensions
 CPF/18/15Principles for Collaborative Partnership
 CPF/18/16Marketing Activity


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21 September 201621 September 2016
1 February 20171 February 2017
3 May 20173 May 2017


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23 September 201523 September 2015
27 January 201627 January 2016
13 April 201613 April 2016