The BRAVE framework has been designed to support the embedding of five key attributes , Bold, Resilient, Authentic, Versatile & Empowering into the leadership culture across Ulster University.


Leadership culture at Ulster University.

“Courage in action, to challenge and do what is right” “Being brave enough to take giant leaps into the unknown”

- (Anonymous, Ulster University Vice Chancellor Leadership Forum, 2019)

At Ulster University collective growth and development are vital in Achieving Excellence Together.

Embedding our values will enable a culture where staff feel appreciated and motivated to give their best. In addition, enhancing leadership potential and capability in supporting leaders who equip and inspire will help us achieve our ambitions together.

Leadership means many things to many people. The BRAVE Leadership Culture Framework at Ulster University encompasses a central ambition to nurture leaders to be Bold, Resilient, Authentic, Versatile and Empowering, across four levels of leadership. Articulating a series of attributes that are important for all current and prospective leaders in our organisation at all stages of their personal ‘leadership journey’.

BRAVE framework

About the BRAVE framework

The BRAVE framework has been designed to support the embedding of five key attributes , Bold, Resilient, Authentic, Versatile & Empowering into the leadership culture across Ulster University. To support an understanding of what BRAVE leadership may look like in practice,  examples of observable capabilities and reflective behaviours have been outlined for each attribute.

Bold - How you lead?

You recognise that having the courage to challenge is fundamental to the role of leading yourself, our people, your teams and the organisation. You have the confidence to speak up; skilfully challenging others even when confronted with resistance or unfamiliar circumstances.

Resilient - How you deliver?

You demonstrate perseverance and tenacity directed towards the achievement of goals despite pressure or adversity. You can adapt your behaviour according to the circumstances, proactively coping with obstacles and recovering quickly after experiencing setbacks.

Authentic - How you engage?

You are values-driven, genuine, real and ethical. You demonstrate a sound awareness of your strengths and limitations, and your emotions. You focus on people development and recognise the value that diversity brings to the university.

Versatile - How you meet future challenges?

You use your experience and expertise to shape the future of the university, ensuring that we continue to respond to challenges, innovate and add value to the delivery of our strategic objectives. You are focused on meeting the varying needs of our stakeholders.

Empowering - How you work with others?

You provide your team members with the space and authority to deliver well defined set objectives. You create clarity around your expectations and what success looks like in order to focus people’s energy and give them freedom to self-manage within the demands of their job.