Supporting Students

Working in partnership to support students both inside and out of the class room.

We have students coming to study at Ulster University from all backgrounds, with a range of life experiences and from across the world.  We want to make sure everyone thrives - and what better way to learn and improve than working with our students.

These are just two examples of how our staff and students work together to create a supportive culture at Ulster:

  1. Mind Your Mood is a student-led mental health awareness initiative, supported by the Student Wellbeing team. It aims to give students the opportunity to understand mental health issues, promote ways to improve your mental health and break down the stigma surrounding mental health amongst students.  To do this, staff and students work together to deliver joint sessions on things such as mindfulness and self care.  Teams also work together to fundraise vital funds to keep the programmes fresh with new opportunities.  Fundraising initiatives include running the Belfast Marathon, abseiling down the Belfast Campus and campus walk
  2. Developing Welcome to UU, has been an evolution for campus teams and the Students' Union over the past three academic years.  The traditional Freshers Week has expanded into registry week, to give students a more holistic and timely introduction to their campus and study environments.  This would not have been possible without the involvement of our students in the review and implementation of the events and plans for new students every year.  Students have been involved in reviewing and planning this period along with the Students' Union and the Campus Life teams.