Partnership Agreement

The Partnership Agreement was developed by UUSU and the University, and was jointly launched in September 2018. It aspires to create a supported learning environment, and a culture of staff-student partnerships.

Within these pages there are examples of where staff and students have worked collaboratively and updates on institutional developments.

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Partnership values have been identified as:

  • Authenticity
    Students and staff will work together in a non-tokenistic way to build a culture of trust and respect in which everyone’s views are valued.

  • Excellence
    There will be willingness to change and an intent to strive for excellence within the learning and teaching environment at Ulster.

  • Support
    The University and UUSU will create and nurture opportunities for staff and students to have creative and meaningful discussions about their education experience. Staff will work to ensure students feel able to join in constructive discussion in a safe and non-critical space.

  • Trust
    Everyone will work openly, accepting that the outcomes will not be pre-determined but that issues can be explored and alternative ideas put forward and discussed.

  • Transformation
    Working in partnership will be a transformative experience for all.

Partnership Agreement Themes

The themes outline the ways in which students and staff engage and bring together existing practices under a single framework. The Partnership Values above provide a lens through which the approach and methods adopted should be reviewed to promote good practice across the University.

Supporting Students

Working in partnership to support students both inside and out of the class room.

Engagement in Learning

Creating effective student engagement in the learning environment.

Shaping Learning

Students and staff shaping the curriculum.

Quality and Student Voice

Formal mechanisms for creating and influencing University policy and practice.

Beyond the University

Working to influence national and international frameworks to improve the student experience.