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Following a review and evaluation of the timings of the skills stations across all fields of nursing and midwifery (where applicable), candidates are frequently completing some skills in full within the current time frames, and often have excess time available within the station.
This can lead to increased stress and anxiety about their successful completion of the skill. To minimise this and to help candidates, from 10th February 2020, all competence test centres will adopt the following timings:

*   Administration of Inhaled Medication – 12 minutes
*   Mid-stream specimen of urine (MSU) – 12 minutes

All other skills timings remain the same.

Please also note adjustments will be made to the Top Tips in the Candidate support materials.

These changes will take effect from Monday 17th February.


Avoid using excessive non-sterile gloves and aprons in your OSCE, think about whether wearing them is necessary for what you are about to do. This will help to reduce the impact of plastic waste and have a positive impact on the environment. You do not need to use non sterile gloves and apron in the following stations: Assessment; Implementation; Administration of Inhaled Medication; In hospital Resuscitation or Peak Expiratory Flow Rate. Understand and use the WHO (2009) 5 moments for hand hygiene in your OSCE.

Stephanie Martin

CTC Manager