Updates and Announcements

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New Adult Nursing Scenario and Skill

   24 February 2021

Change to Station timings

   24 February 2021

New Scenarios and Skills

   24 February 2021

Review Update

   24 February 2021

As part of our quality assurance processes across all NMC Competence Test Centres, and in response to feedback from candidates, practice partners and other stakeholders, we have reviewed and made some amendments.

Changes To OSCE Resits

   24 February 2021

Resit requirements are changing for applicants sitting the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) from 16 July 2018.

Competence Test Centre Reopening

   1 July 2020

The Nursing and Midwifery Council have announced that all three Competence Test Centres (CTC) will reopen on Monday 20th July 2020.

Review of Standards (Medicines Management)

   30 November 2018

The NMC Standards for Medicines Management are being reviewed and removed at the end of January 2019. We will confirm the actual date of withdrawal as soon as this is announced.

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