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Ulster’s Psychology researchers are part of the world mental health survey initiatives; and as such were at the forefront of highlighting and understanding the high rates of mental illness and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the links with exposure to the Troubles.

Our researchers, across multiple research institutes, have identified the effects of trauma on mental health and suicide in Northern Ireland, and worldwide. In current research programmes we are focusing on the study of mental illness and well-being in special occupational groups with high rates of trauma exposure, such as the Northern Ireland military veteran population and the police service of Northern Ireland.

A number of researchers from our world-class Biomedical Sciences and Psychology research institutes are also looking at the biopsychosocial impacts of traumas such as childhood maltreatment and domestic violence.

The CONTEXT project employs 12 research fellows across three European countries looking predominately at the psychosocial impact of a range of traumatic experiences. Researchers are also working on “smart” ways to identify those at risk of traumatisation, and novel means of addressing vicarious trauma with our partners in industry.

Finally, we are interested in well-being in the workplace and together with our collaborators we aim to understand the unique experiences of different occupational groups, such as those in the creative industries, so that we can best meet the needs of our whole population.