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Ageing is associated with an increased risk of frailty, disability and adverse health outcomes. Research is needed on the effectiveness of interventions to promote physical and mental wellbeing in older adults, and to support older adults to live healthier independent lives.


The SITLESS Intervention has been delivered in primary care and community settings in urban areas of Barcelona (Spain), Odense (Denmark), Belfast (UK) and Ulm (Germany). We are working towards combining an exercise programme with additional sessions to encourage active lifestyles to influence the long-term health and wellbeing of older adults.

Impact: Across the four countries, 1350 older adults have engaged with the study. We have demonstrated that increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour is associated with reduced loneliness, improved mental health and changes in physical activity and physical function.


  • Dr Laura Coll-Planas, Dr Marta Roque, Antoni Salvà (Fundació Salut i Envelliment UAB, Spain)
  • Professor Maria Giné-Garriga, Professor Míriam Guerra (Universitat Ramon Llul, Spain)
  • Professor Paolo Caserotti, Mathias Skjødt (University Southern Denmark, Denmark)
  • Dr Michael Denkinger, Professor Dietrich Rothenbacher, Dr Katharina Wirth, Dr Dhayana Dallmeier, Dr Jochen Klenk (Ulm University, Germany)
  • Professor Frank Kee (Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Professor Emma McIntosh, Dr Manuela Diedda (University of Glasgow)
  • Guillaume Lefebvre, Denise González (Siel Blue)