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There is increasing concern about the impact of the transgenerational transmission of mental illness and the effects of trauma on the young population in Northern Ireland, and a drive to enhance the resilience of future generations.

We have a number of research studies on the impact of adverse childhood experiences on mental health outcomes across the lifespan. There are several research programmes with schools, such as the evaluation of the Hopeful Minds initiative and a study of mental health and resilience programmes in schools generally.

This work is now also being applied in a global context with an upcoming pilot of the Hopeful Minds project with school children in Malaysia. Our leading Sports Scientists are also examining the impact of physical activity on well-being, particularly in young people, and we have several studies on the impact of sport on mental health and well-being. Our world-class centre for nutrition research has a number of ongoing studies looking at cognitive development in the young. Current research also includes projects such as the IMPACT study on transitional care for young people between CAHMS and adult services.