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The Institute of Mental Health Sciences at Ulster University is a dynamic group of international researchers that take innovative approaches to meet societal challenges in mental health sciences through participation and collaboration with those committed to change.

We are seeking to be a catalyst for mental health research to ensure we deliver a needed step-change in mental ill health prevention and the provision of care in Northern Ireland. We work across disciplines inside the University and with external University partners, co-producing findings with stakeholders nationally and internationally.

The Institute unites Ulster’s world-leading research expertise in mental health sciences from a range of disciplines from within the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences, including Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychology, Nursing, Health Sciences, Geography & Environmental Science, and Sport Sciences into one unique institute.

Institute Mission Statement

The Institute will maximise collaborative efforts across civic society to promote and impact mental health and wellbeing through innovation in research and education, and implementing evidence into practice and policy.

Core Values

  • Public and professional engagement and user involvement
  • Research with an impact regionally, nationally, and internationally
  • Research collaboration
  • Capacity building and training for research excellence

We have grouped our research into three research centres. The Centre of Excellence for Children and Young People’s Mental Health Research will focus on understanding the nature of mental health problems for children and young people, locally, nationally, and internationally, and taking a biopsychosocial approach, in addition to prevention, detection and early intervention.

The Centre of Excellence for Population Mental Health Research will focus on mental health in adulthood and the Centre of Excellence for Ageing and Mental Health Research will undertake research into healthy ageing, including preserving cognitive function and mental well-being.

A key aspect of the institute is our mental health sciences research and training infrastructure. This includes: the Civic Engagement Unit; the Research Methods Hub; and the Training  Academy to support innovative research and education.

In Institute has a formal collaboration with the IMPACT research centre based within Psychological Services in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust.