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Legal Services Sector

Ulster University Legal Innovation Centre

The legal services economy around the world is changing in significant ways, given the impact of globalisation, technology and the demand for more efficient and effective solutions to legal problems. 

There are seismic shifts underway in the legal economy in the United Kingdom, prompted, not least, by major cuts in the public funding of legal services, changes in how legal businesses are owned and managed and in the growth of alternative providers of all types of legal services who draw increasingly on cutting edge technology and understanding of processes. 

"Technological advance is changing the face of legal services provision in a revolutionary way.  There is a huge opportunity to contribute to economic gain and greater access to justice through innovative research, and through appropriate course provision to equip the next generation of legal scholars for that revolution.  Ulster University School of Law, supported by its industry partners, is delighted to be in the vanguard."

Dr Eugene McNamee
Head of Law School and Co-Director of Legal Innovation Centre