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To login to the University Portal and centrally supported student workstations, you will need a username and network password.

Username: Your student ID (this is on your student card e.g. B12345678)
Password: Your network password (sometimes referred to as your Active Directory or AD password). To retrieve your initial network password, you can use the Banner system. To reset your network password while on campus, you can use the Password Kiosks. All students can also use the Online Password Changer from any location. You will need to know your student PIN number (inititially set to your date of birth in DDMMYY format). You should allow up to 15 minutes for the new password to take full effect on all systems. As it is case sensitive, it must be typed exactly as seen on screen.

Office 365 Email And OneDrive

Most of the University systems use the Student ID and network password described above. There are however some exceptions, this includes logging in directly to your Office 365 email and OneDrive.

You access your email directly via using the following login details:

Username: Your student email address
Password: Your Office 365 password (sometimes referred to as your email password). To retrieve your initial email password, you can use the Banner system. Please see the information for more details on how to request a new password if the initial password is no longer valid and you cannot remember your self-changed password. 

More information about Office 365 email is available. This includes how to connect your mailbox via an email client or mobile device.

More information about OneDrive is also available.