Your Guide to Information Services

ISD recommend you view our Getting Started quick guide which is a short leaflet that provides you with support for Email, Wireless and IT Laboratories.

Induction Sessions

At the beginning of the academic year (and also in January), Information Services offers new students an overview of its services and guidance on how to access them. This short presentation is booked on your behalf by your Course Co-ordinator prior to your arrival at the University. Please ask your Course Co-ordinator when your induction session is scheduled.

If you have missed your Induction session you can view a pdf version of the induction slideshow or alternatively watch a video clip  of the ISD Welcome and Induction.

What You Need to Get Started

All students will require our services throughout their time at the University and in order to make full use of these you will need to:

Make sure that you are fully registered with the University. Academic Registry
Make sure you have a University student ID card Academic Registry
Make sure you have your University password details                Passwords
Make sure you have your email account details.
All official University communications with students
are distributed via your University email account.
Email Service
Find out how to access your Library online account.
Your student ID card is also your Library card for borrowing.
Library account

What Do I Need to Know?

To help you get started using our services, listed below are some of the main things you will need to become familiar with:

Where is the Library on my campus? Library locations
How do I access the University Portal? Portal
How do I find out about my Library subject resources? Subject Resources
How do I find out about the services and facilities offered by ICT?            ISD Student Experience
How do I save to OneDrive, my online file storage? Using OneDrive
How do I print, copy or scan documents? Print Service
What services are offered by Reprographics? Reprographics Service

Getting Help

If you have a problem, help is available.

If you are on-campus and have an ICT or Library query                Visit the Information Point in your Library
If you are off-campus and have an ICT query:

Contact our ISD Service Desk

If you are off-campus and you have a library query

Refer to the Library Help System. If this does not resolve your query, contact your Library Issue Desk/Information Point or your Subject Librarian.
If you have a reprographics query Contact any of our campus locations. The locations and contact numbers are available from the Reprographic Services leaflet (PDF document).

Student Charter

This Charter sets out the standards of service which the University aims to provide to students through the relevant parts of the Information Services Directorate (ISD). The Charter covers:

> Archive of minutes of ISD - Student Liaison Meetings