Office 365 SSO

Important Change in accessing your University Office 365 Account

Information Services is undertaking a programme to enhance a number of its online services, including your Office 365 service. An important change is planned to the way you access your University Office 365 account, including your email.

The first change took place in early March 2017 and was an intermediary step in how you access these services in future. Further changes are planned to take place over the coming months.

This web page will be the definitive source of guidance relating to the change. We advise all students to check this information regularly.

What will be affected?

The March 2017 change related to the Portal 'Email and OneDrive' link which directly logged you into your Office 365 account. Office 365 includes services such as your University email account, your OneDrive online storage area and any other Office 365 service you may use.

From 1 March 2017, this link has no longer been provided to facilitate direct access to Office 365. You must login to your Office 365 account from its home page (see below).

Who is affected?

The change affects all current students who access Office 365 via the Portal link. If you already login to Office 365 via its home page, you may continue to use this method as normal.

Alumni students are not affected by this change. If you graduated before Academic Year 16/17, continue to access your email as previously advised using your address and your Office 365 password. Any change to this advice will be communicated via the Keep My Email FAQ.

What will happen to my information?

None of your information within Office 365 (your emails, files etc.) will be affected. The change only relates to how you access to the system.

How will my Office 365 service be affected?

The timetable below shows the changes.

Up to 1 March 2017

Up to this point, registered in Academic Year 16/17 could still access their email via the Portal link.

This is no longer the case.

11th September 2017

Currently, students are still advised to use their Office 365 email address and Office 365 password.

From 11th September 2017, you must login to your Office 365 account using your university email address and your network password (the same one you use for the Portal, Blackboard and Student Library workstations).

"Your assigned name"  and your network password.

You login directly at the web address

Important Information

If you do not know your email address please see our Banner page on how to find it.

If you need your initial network password or you have forgotten it and need a password reset, you can do this yourself via the advice related to Password Kiosks (on-campus) and Online Password Changer (off-campus) in our Student Password page.

Otherwise, for further assistance please contact the ISD Service Desk, preferably during core hours.*

Contact Service Desk
Service Desk PortalTelephoneEmail 903

* Monday-Thursday 09:00-17:00, Friday 09:00-16:00

Why should I use Office 365?

In addition to email and OneDrive, Office 365 has a range of in-built utilities that you can use.

It is also possible to download the latest version of Microsoft Office, free of charge.