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Visitors,Guests & Associates

Information for visitors and associates who require access to University resources.

Visitors/Guests wishing to use University wireless services must login using a temporary account provided by the University for this purpose. Please note that visitors who require access over a prolonged period of time must apply for an 'Associate' account.

Please Note: The Visitor Sponsor system is currently unavailable. Please see the Visitor section below for important information on how to request a Visitor account for Jordanstown campus.

Visitors/Guests who are registered in an eduroam-enabled institution, and have their devices configured correctly prior to their visit  to the University do not require another account.  Details about eduroam services are available.

Do You Require a Visitor/Guest or an Associate Account?

  A person, external to the University, that is:
  • invited to work (short-term) on a University project or
  • an attendee at a conference held on a University campus or
  • a temporary lecturer or
  • student at another university

For a definite period of time

A person, external to the University, that is
  • working in a University office or
  • working on a University project or
  • a temporary lecturer or
  • emeritus staff or
  • from an agency or 3rd party company
  • a chaplain
  • someone who requires a Ulster University email address for a business or research reason as requested & approved by a university employee.

For a definite period of time

What type of account will you receive? Visitors/Guest receive wireless only login accounts for which there is a fixed time limit that is normally specified at the outset. Associates receive A-codes. These will be deleted when the person's formal association with the University is terminated.
What will this account entitle you to? Visitors/Guests will be provided with access to wireless, to avail of the internet. In addition to internet access, Associates of the University will be provided with a standard Ulster University email address. They may also be provided with access to any relevant corporate services.

How to Request a Visitor/Guest Account

As a visitor/guest, you must be sponsored by an employee at the University.

This may be a conference organiser or a research/exchange supervisor.

Currently two wireless services exist for visitor/guests to the University who do not have an Eduroam account and that require wireless only access. These services are campus specific and are advertised on the wireless system as Visitor and Guest.

Guest is available on all campuses except Jordanstown, which continues to use the Visitor Sponsor system.

Please Note: The Visitor Sponsor system is currently unavailable. Please see the Visitor section below for important information on how to request a Visitor account for Jordanstown campus.


This is a self-provisioning service for use on all campuses other than Jordanstown (see Visitor below). While on campus, the guest can connect to the Guest wireless service and complete an on-line form. An email will be sent to the guest’s staff sponsor, who will then enable the guest's access.

Connecting to the wireless Guest WiFi to request Sponsor approval for new account creation

Sponsor guide for sponsoring a user on Guest WifI 

Connecting to the wireless Guest WiFi with active account details


Specifically for Jordanstown campus, please log any request for Visitor accounts with the Service Desk using the Excel file template linked below.  When doing so, please ensure you provide at least 1 days’ notice for the request to be actioned and account details to be provided. Failure to do so may mean we cannot provision your requested account(s) in the required timescale.

Details required by the Service Desk via the Excel spreadsheet are as follows:

Title, Forename, Surname, Organisation, Campus (usually Jordanstown), Start Date of account, End Date of account, Purpose of Visit.

NOTE: This information is required for each individual Visitor account required.

Download a copy of the Visitor Template spreadsheet, fill in and send to Please do not remove any columns from the spreadsheet. Only the information shown as per the example record within the template is required, as indicated above. Please also note there is no requirement for the Visitor to provide their DOB and we should not request it. Where information is shown left deliberately blank in the example record within the template, please also leave this blank.

Once all information has been received the Service Desk will progress the request.

How to Request an Associate Account

Associates must also be sponsored by a University employee.

As a member of staff, you may 'sponsor' a person who is not a member of University staff to have access to IT facilities for the purposes of the business needs of the University. Personal information, period of association and primary association status details will be required. Click the link on the left to enter the RAD system and initiate the request.


(Please note: The Sponsors link is currently only supported in Internet Explorer).

Users must login using their own 'e' code and their National Insurance number as password.

Further information on Visitor and Associate Accounts can be found in the ISD Service Catalogue