Service Description

Information Services provides support to Student Administration during periods of Online Enrolment (OLE). An element of this support is the provision of IT facilities and services for the OLE sessions.

ICT Customer Services is responsible for the supply, deployment, testing, daily checking and post-enrolment recovery of PCs.

An Online Enrolment PC system incorporates a processor, screen, keyboard and mouse configured with a Microsoft operating system and Internet Explorer. A local printer is attached to those systems that require printing capability. Systems require a network connection and current network account to operate (login).

PCs in designated Student IT Laboratory areas are used by enrolling students and supported by temporary staff employed by the Academic Registry. These systems provide enrolling students with a secure suite of enrolment forms.

Business Process

  • A representative from Student Administration must raise a support call with the ISD Service Desk.
  • The Student Administration representative must specify the required resources and schedule for Online Enrolment events when logging the initial call with the ISD Service Desk.
  • It is the responsibility of Student Administration to ensure that all users are registered for network use and familiar with the processing activities.
  • The Finance Office (Student Fees) will ensure that all users are familiar with the processing activities.
  • ICT Customer Services campus teams will act upon the associated Service Desk call, refer to the ICTCS Online Enrolment business process document and manage the activity via the ISD Service Desk.

Supporting Materials

Information on the Online Enrolment process is published on the Student Administration website.

An internal ISD business process is available to staff in Student Administration and other University departments. This can be obtained via the Service Desk (see below).

How to obtain help

Contact the ISD Service Desk.

Service Metrics (KPI/SLA statement)

ICT Customer Services follow a counterpart internal business process for Online Enrolment support covering the configuration, deployment, support and checking of the computer systems as well as management of the activity elements via the ISD Service Desk.

Academic Registry/Finance Office personnel must notify the ISD Service Desk of issues encountered.


  • Student Administration and Finance (Student Fees) staff who require a PC system for Online Enrolment purposes
  • Students who are enrolling for the incoming academic year with the PCs provided for the enrolment process.

Service Owner

The Service is owned by:

  • ISD ICT Customer Services.
  • ISD Applications Delivery team.
  • Academic Registry Office.
  • Finance Office (Student Fees).