Service Description

Network Time Protocol

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is an Internet protocol used to synchronise computer clocks to the agreed standard of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Co-ordinated University Time (UTC)

Reasons to synchronise NTP

Accurate time across a network is required for a number of reasons.

It allows different servers and systems in a distributed environment to keep all computer clocks in step.

This allows for security logs and file systems to be kept synchronised.

This makes the information in mail headers, security logs and directory systems more useful.

How UU synchronises NTP

The University provides a stable time reference by peering its campus routers with the JANET Network Time Service.

The result is that clock settings across the network are very closely synchronised and as multiple routers and sources are used a resilient service is guaranteed.

System administrator responsibilities

System administrators on all campuses should configure their systems to use the following NTP sources:

  • Jordanstown -
  • Coleraine -
  • Magee -
  • Belfast -

How to obtain help

Contact the ISD Service Desk.


Any staff or postgraduate student working for the University

Service Owner

Network Team