Graphic Design

Information Services is a major University administrative department with responsibilities covering library, academic and administrative computing, digital communications, media-technology services and reprographic services.

Service Description

ICT Customer Services provide a bespoke graphic design service to staff throughout the University to assist with creation of eye-catching, interesting designs to aid teaching, promotion of events and dissemination of information through the production of posters, booklets, images, animated graphics, pop-up stands, banners and other literature.

The graphics team will also advise on printing, and they can offer assistance to ensure your finished designs conform to the University's corporate identity guidelines. In addition to promotional work, the Graphic Design team can design materials for use in educational scenarios.

These materials may include images for PowerPoint presentations and for the Web, as well as images and designs for handbooks, diagrammatical materials and representations of the 'real world' which may be difficult or impossible to capture in a photograph.

Business Process

Graphic design requests are initially logged with the Service Desk and then allocated to a member of the graphic design team who will make any necessary follow-up contact with the user.

How to obtain help

Contact the ISD Service Desk


There is no cost associated with the Graphic Design work in support of teaching and learning.  Charges are applicable to requests for graphic design services which are outside the remit of teaching and learning e.g. a conference organised with fee paying participants, planned by either an internal member of staff or an external client. Graphics Design staff will give clients an estimated calculation of costs before work commences. In addition, any amendments costs for revisions to designs should be factored in to budgets as it may take additional time to make requested changes to original designs.


The service is available to all faculties and departments of the University.

Service Owner

ICT Customer Services