Software Services

Software Services

Information Services manages a range of software purchased on behalf of the University.

Service Description

Information Services manages a range of software purchased on behalf of the University. Some software is available for installation on University owned equipment whilst other products are available to staff and students for installation on their own PCs or Macintoshes.

Business Process

How do I obtain software for my University computer?
Purchases of software for use on University-owned equipment must be carried out via the appropriate Software Co-ordinator. Each faculty and department has someone appointed to undertake this role. To find your own Software Co-ordinator, please click HERE. If you are in a corporate department, the software must be installed by Information Services. If you are in a faculty, your Software Co-ordinator will advise you on the internal procedure within your faculty.

Software licensing
It is the responsibility of each staff member to ensure that all software installed on University machines is legally held. It is a disciplinary offence to install software products for which a licence cannot be produced. You must never download or install software without the prior approval of your Software Co-ordinator. Faculties and departments must be able to provide licence details for audit purposes.

Software managed by ISDInformation Services manages a range of software licences on behalf of the University e.g. anti-virus, Microsoft Campus and Select agreements.  The licences can be site or individual licences.  More details available.

Software for Home Use
Software is available to staff and students for use on their own equipment. The software may be supplied directly by ISD or via a third party or vendor. To obtain such software for personal use, the request does not require input from a Software Co-ordinator but can be obtained directly (see below).

Software for Student IT areas (SITL)
Information Services manage a range of hardware and software in student IT areas. Requests for software deployments in these areas need to be made in conjunction withSoftware Co-ordinator . Please refer to the online form  to make any Faculty Specific or additional SITL Software Requests.

What software products are available for home use?
Two products are downloadable directly from the University Portal  (at no charge). These are: McAfee anti-virus software (for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 platforms).
SPSS statistical software (Windows and Mac versions available). Other products may be purchased from a vendor via links on the Portal . These are: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 (available to staff only). The cost of a download copy is £8.95 with an additional £9 (approx) for a DVD version. Apple Education Discount products (available to both staff and students)

How do I obtain Home Use products?
Information on obtaining Home Use products are available via the Portal  : For students: select the Learning Resources tab > Information Services Self Help > Other Topics > PC Security - Tools and Guidance
For staff: select the Staff Services tab, then choose the Uni Experience channel

Supporting Materials

For more detailed information, please click here.

How to obtain help

Contact the ISD Service Desk.

Cost (where applicable)

Varies according to product

Who can avail of the service?

All current staff and students of the University (depending on product).

Service Owner

ISD ICT Customer Services