Service Description

A service for the provision of secure file storage to staff, either as individuals or as members of groups, using active directory (AD) to authenticate users to filestores for the purposes of management of electronic documents and business records.

Users, through the application of appropriate permissions and authentication, will have access to relevant fileshares related to their Faculty/Dept and other shared Business Functions.

The policy or strategy upon which this service is based is a constituent of an Information Assurance - Electronic Document and Records Management (eDRM) Programme

Business Process

  • Seek authorisation from Line Manager or Head of School to access specific folder(s)
  • Forward authorisation to Faculty/Dept File Share Manager or Service Desk if you do not have a File Share Manager
  • File Share Manager/Service Desk will add user to the relevant Security Group
  • User must logoff and logon again to gain access after permissions have been granted

How to obtain help

  • Contact File Share Manager for relevant Faculty/Dept in the first instance.
  • If no File Share Manager exists within your Faculty/Dept, Contact the ISD Service Desk

Service Metrics (KPI/SLA statement)

  • Access to an existing folder within a current file share will be granted by the File Share Manager/Service Desk
  • Creation of a new top-level folder within a current file share will be carried out by the File Share Manager or Service Desk if no File Share Manager has been appointed within your Faculty/Dept


Any staff member or postgraduate student working for the University

Service Owner

ICT Customer Services