Secure Remote Access Service (SRAS)

Secure Remote Access Service (SRAS)

Providing users with a multi-layered approach to remote access, from secure web-based connection

Service Description

The University appreciates that access may be required to the corporate ICT network and services when staff and 3rd parties are working remotely in order to support business needs. However, the mechanism by which this is provided must be securely managed with full auditing in order to meet IT Security standards, protecting sensitive information on the corporate network.

Information Services has developed the Secure Remote Access Service (SRAS), which provides users with a multi-layered approach to remote access, from secure web-based connection, to Active Directory (AD) server file sharing, to the ability to remotely access staff University Workstations.

Business Process

Replacement of Unauditable Remote Access Products
Individual University staff and 3rd party users may have in the past used commercially available products such as LogMeIn and GoToMyPC for remote access. SRAS replaces the service provided by such products with a more secure, fully supported and audited system.

Information Services has taken action to restrict the use of unauditable remote access products. Use of these products is contrary to the University Acceptable Use Code of Practice.

2 Factor Authentication
SRAS uses 2-factor Authentication (2FA) in order to prove the legitimacy of the University Staff Member or 3rd Party Employee making the remote connection. Two-factor authentication is a security process sometimes referred to as "something you have and something you know".

The process involves a user entering their Username, University AD (network) Password and a One Time Passcode (OTP). This OTP is a unique code sent to the user’s registered mobile phone as a text message during each remote access login.

Who Can Apply for SRAS Access?
University Staff
University staff requiring remote access in order to work from a location other than a University campus can apply for SRAS.  See the SRAS Application Form and accompanying Application Advice Notes for further details (see below).

3rd Parties
3rd Party users can apply for access where this is required to support University IT systems. See the SRAS 3rd Party Application Form and accompanying Application Advice Notes for further details.

How Do I Apply for SRAS?
University Staff Application
All staff who request SRAS will be required to complete a SRAS Staff Application Form, which should then be approved by their Dean or Director. After final approval from the Director of ISD, approved applications will be actioned by the ISD Service Desk. Click this link to see a graphical representation of the Staff application process 

3rd Party Application
All 3rd Parties who request SRAS will be required to complete a SRAS 3rd Party Application Form. Authorising signatures are required from the 3rd Party's Manager, the University System Owner, their Dean or Director and final approval from the Director of ISD. Approved or rejected applications are then actioned similarly to Staff, as above. System Owners should be aware of their responsibilities related to applications for 3rd Party SRAS, as outlined in the accompanying Advice Notes. Click this link to see a graphical representation of the 3rd Party application process 

What Policies apply to SRAS use?
All SRAS users are expected to abide by the terms of the University Acceptable Use Code of Practice and other policies related to IT use. These can be found on the Information Services and Corporate Planning and Governance websites.

3rd Party applicants should also be aware of the 'Third Party Processing Agreement' and the University's Data Protection Policy. See the SRAS 3rd Party Application Form and the accompanying SRAS Application Advice Notes  for further details.

What is the Minimum Technical Specification for SRAS?
In order to use SRAS you must have at least:
- Windows 7 (or higher)
- Internet Explorer 11 (or higher)

Mac OSX (with certain versions of Safari or Firefox)

Please Note: SRAS may require the installation of an ActiveX control, therefore local administrator rights may temporarily be required on the PC or laptop used for SRAS.

Downloadable Forms

3rd Party Password Reset Support Arrangements

3rd Party SRAS users should contact the Service Desk via telephone (028 9036 6777) for advice related to password resets. Please have your University Associate  account details available.

How to obtain help

Contact the ISD Service Desk.

Who can avail of the service?

Staff and Users in external organisations

Service Owner

ICT Customer Services