University IT Policies

University IT Policies

Ulster University Information Services Directorate maintains a range of policies, standards and guidelines for the secure and reliable delivery of services across the University. The scope of these documents varies. Some documents apply across the entire University, to both central and departmental systems, while other documents are more focused in scope or advisory.

A link is provided on this page to a diagram representing the IT Policy Implementation Framework with links to current policies, standards and guidelines. Some documents represented in the diagram are not linked, and their circulation is restricted.

Information Services periodically reviews policies, standards and guidelines. For the most up to date information, see the ISD Policy Review Calendar.

A simplified and practical overview for staff on how these policies can help to protect University information is available in a staff information handbook.

University staff or students may complete a Server Connection Application Form to request external access to TCP/IP services usually blocked by the institutional firewall in line with the current Networks Standard (available as a link in the IT Policy Implementation Framework).