Self Service Password Reset

Self Service Password Reset

Dedicated PCs, known as Password Kiosks, are located close to the Library Information Point on each campus.

As an end user, you can reset your password yourself if you use Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) within Office 365.

Please note that while SSPR remains optional at present, it will become a mandatory requirement for all Ulster University staff and students prior to the commencement of the 2019/20 Academic Year. We strongly recommend that you enhance your account security by registering as soon as possible.

Before you can use SSPR you have to confirm your authentication methods, which will be at least two from the following three options:

  • your mobile phone (to facilitate a verification text message)
  • an alternate email address (to facilitate a verification email)
  • secret questions and answers

Please note that unless you have registered these details in advance, you cannot use SSPR to reset your password when needed.

We have created an SSPR Registration Guide for reference if required, plus an SSPR Reset Guide to demonstrate how you use your verification methods to conduct the actual password reset.

If you are happy to continue with the Registration process, please click the button below and you will be redirected to Office 365 to start the process.

Login to SSPR Registration

Please note that if you change your password in Office 365 via SSPR, you should wait for a maximum of 30 minutes for your new password to fully replicate to all University services (e.g. Student Workstation login)