RAD System

Information Services is a major University administrative department with responsibilities covering library, academic and administrative computing, digital communications, media-technology services and reprographic services.

Information Services has developed an automated system to process registration to the University's corporate information.

The system, known as 'RAD' (Registration Access Deletion) allows members of University staff to:

  1. Enquire on Requests
    Gives you the ability to view the progress of requests made for IT facilities:                
    • requests made by yourself on behalf of associates
    • requests made by RAD authoriser in your Faculty/Department for you to have access to University corporate information.
  2. Sponsor an Associate for IT facilities  As a member of staff, you may 'sponsor' a person who is not a member of University staff to have access to IT facilities for the purposes of the business needs of the University.  Personal information, period of association and primary association status details are required, all fields on the records being mandatory for authorisation to be considered.
  3. View own RAD staff record
    Used for comparison purposes for creating an Associate record as well as for checking information which Human Resources holds.If any of the information is incorrect, please use the 'Update Your Business Card' link on the Portal (go to Home tab and see within University Staff List channel) - any changes will be reflected on the RAD system on the following working day.  Please do not contact the Service Desk regarding inaccuracies of information.

The system can be accessed via the following web address:


(Please note the above link is currently only supported through Internet Explorer).

Users must login using their own 'e' code and their National Insurance number as password.

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