e5 Financial Information System

e5 Financial Information System

Information Services is a major University administrative department with responsibilities covering library, academic and administrative computing, digital communications, media-technology services and reprographic services.

What is e5?

e5 is the University's  Financial Information System.  It contains modules for the following functions:

Procurement Portal - requisitioning, goods receipting and authorising of orders.

General Ledger - Posting journals and general enquiries

Accounts receivable/Sales Invoicing raising sales invoices, chasing debtors

Cash receipting - receipting cash, cheque and credit card payments.

Accounts payable - paying creditors

If your role encompasses any of these functions, then you will require access to e5. Contact your Head of Faculty Administration/Department Administrator to confirm your role and provide authorisation to set you up on the system.

How can I find out more about the e5 system?

Find out more on the e5 Finance Project web pages

How is the e5 system supported?

If your account has been locked out, or you require a password change, contact the Service Desk

For all other system usability queries, please contact Simon Morgan or Audrey Stevenson in Financial Management.