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Before you travel

Before you travel please make sure you have:

  1. downloaded our Pre-arrival Guide
  2. checked any visa or entry requirements to enter the UK
  3. completed your airport arrival registration form for your campus:
  4. checked out our events guide found under orientation
  5. checked out our alternative transport options if you’re planning to make your own way to campus.
  6. signed your accommodation offer letter for on-campus accommodation
  7. booked accommodation privately if not staying on campus accommodation
  8. considered joining a society, volunteering or getting involved? Our Students' Union has full details.

Alternative transport options to campus

If you are planning to make your own travel arrangements to campus accommodation, please make sure that you read our alternative transport guides, these give you the best travel options to your campus: Jordanstown/Belfast, Coleraine and Magee.

University accommodation

If you are staying in University accommodation then please let your campus accommodation office know the date and time of your arrival.

Depending on your arrival date, you may be required to complete a short term accommodation contract, you should speak to the Accommodation Office about this.

You should also ask about bedding packs in case you need one when you arrive.