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Strategies and action plans

Equality Scheme Action Plan - The University's Equality Scheme Action Plan was finalised in April 2013. Hard copies of this document are available on request from the Office of the University Secretary.

Interim Disability Action Plan 2017-2018

Five year review of the University's Disability Action Plan - The University completed its five year review of the effectiveness of its first disability action plan in 2012.

Ninth Article 55 Review - The Ninth Article 55 Review covers the period of 7 February 2013 – 6 February 2016.

These documents can also be made available on request, in alternative formats including Braille, computer disc, audiocassette, and in minority languages to meet the needs of those who are not fluent in English. Click here to request an alternative format.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of the University Secretary if you require advice or information regarding any of the action plans.