The graduation ceremony

The graduation ceremony consists of a procession, the opening address, award of outstanding contributions, presentation to students and conclusion.

Graduations Postponed

The University has made the decision to postpone graduation ceremonies due to the current situation.

We know this is disappointing however, we are working with UUSU to agree on a suitable alternative for these and will provide more information as soon as we can.

The procession

The procession is lead by the Stave Bearer and includes Senior Officers of the University, members of Council and Senate and academic staff.

The Chancellor or, in his absence, the Vice-Chancellor presides at each graduation ceremony.

The opening address

There is an opening address by the Chancellor or the Vice-Chancellor who then, in accordance with the University's statutes, confers degrees and other academic distinctions on all students who have been deemed eligible by Senate.

Outstanding contributions

Each year the University recognises the outstanding contribution that a number of individuals have made to academic life or to society at large by conferring on them an honorary degree.

There is normally one honorary degree or Distinguished Award presented at each ceremony.


Following the presentation of the Honorary Graduate or Distinguished Award recipient, students are presented to the Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor for their award by the Dean of their Faculty. Their names are called out, one at a time, by course.

Graduands walk across the platform, stop and bow to the Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor and collect their certificate before returning to their seat in the auditorium.

Conclusion and close

After all graduates have been presented, the Honorary Graduate or Distinguished Award recipient addresses the congregation. A new student graduate will also speak on behalf of those graduating at the ceremony.

The formal proceedings conclude with closing remarks from the Provost of the campus where the ceremony is held.

The academic procession, led by the Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor, leaves the hall.

The new graduates join the procession after the academic staff to symbolise their new status.

After the ceremony

After the ceremony has finished graduates meet up with their family, friends and tutors for light refreshments and photographs.

Finally graduates return their academical dress before they leave, most to have lunch or dinner to celebrate their achievement.

Your name on the graduation programme and press

It is customary for the University to provide graduates’ details (name and degree awarded) of both those attending a ceremony and those graduating in absentia to the press for publication on the day of graduation.

Those who do not wish for their name to be published should contact the Registry Office of your study location no later than Friday 12 June 2020.

Late Arrival

If you arrive late, you will not be admitted to the main auditorium for presentation of your award as your name will already have been removed from the presentation list.

Your award will be conferred ‘in absentia’.