Ulster University Graduation

Register for graduation

All students wishing to attend graduation are required to pay £60 which includes the hire of the academical dress to include gown, hood and mortar board and refreshments for the student plus two guest tickets.

All students who are eligible to receive a degree, diploma or certificate can attend the relevant ceremony which normally lasts between one hour and one hour thirty minutes.

To attend your graduation ceremony you must register on the online graduation system or alternatively you can register via your Student Portal.

Registration is Closed

Online registration for graduation is closed.

Register via student portal

The online system will enable you to register to attend:

  1. To order your academical dress (gown and hat)
  2. To pay the graduation fee - £60 includes the hire of academical dress, tickets for graduate and two guests plus refreshments and souvenir Graduation booklet.

To access the Student Portal, you will need your student ID number (which is in the format B00123456) and your password.

If you have forgotten your password you can find it by logging in to using your student ID number and your date of birth in the format ddmmyy (for example 120381).

Click on "Personal Information" and then choose "View Student ID, Password and E-mail Address".

How to register

  1. Go to the Student Portal.
  2. Select the My Studies tab
  3. Go to the Graduation channel (read section on ‘gown and hat size’).

If you do not wish to attend

If you do not wish to attend graduation you may also use the registration system to arrange for your award certificate to be sent to you by post.

Information on receiving your award by post are detailed within the certificates section.

Proof of registration

After you have completed the online graduation process you will receive email confirmation to your student email account regarding your payment.

Students should keep copies of emails for future reference should any queries arise.

Eligibility to graduate

Summer graduations

Access to apply to attend summer graduation is provided before results are published.

The subsequent receipt of tickets does not mean that you have successfully completed your course.

It is your responsibility to check the Board of Examiners decision online via the student portal.

Winter graduations

Invitations to students to attend winter graduations are normally issued after results have been published. However you should still check that you have successfully completed your course.

You cannot register if you have debt

Students who have a ‘Hold’ on their record as a result of unpaid tuition fees will not be able to access the online graduation system and should contact the campus registry office if they wish to attend graduation.

Students who have not paid their fees in full prior to the graduation will not be permitted to graduate.

Such students can attend the next graduation ceremony (summer) following full payment of any outstanding fees.

You cannot defer your graduation

There is no option to defer graduation or to graduate at an alternative ceremony unless the student can demonstrate unforeseen and significant extenuating circumstances which prevents their attendance at the allocated ceremony.

Extenuating circumstances may include students with serious illness, or other comparable serious and unavoidable difficulties.

Exceptional circumstances do not include work commitments, volunteering commitments, holidays, visa issues, the unavailability of guests or similar.

Deferral of graduation is at the discretion of the Director of Student Administration and may be sought by emailing the Director of Student Administration at the earliest possibility.