Tier 4 visa responsibilities

As a Tier 4 student, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the conditions of your visa at all times. Failing to comply with the conditions of your Tier 4 visa, is an offence and could result in your visa being withdrawn/cancelled.

As a Tier 4 visa holder you must:

Complete registration

It is a UKVI requirement that we hold a copy of your documents on file therefore you must attend and complete registration as advised by your Faculty.

You must present originals of all documents and provide a copy of your passport, visa vignette, BRP card or proof of your visa application if you have applied to extend your visa in the UK, police registration certificate (if applicable), TB certificate (if applicable) and documents used to obtain CAS. You must also read and sign the compliance declaration provided to you at the time of registration.

Not work above the permitted hours

Your Tier 4 Visa should clearly state the number of hours you are allowed to work per week during term time. It is your responsibility to check that this information is correct. If you work more than the allowed hours during term time, you will be in breach of your visa condition.

Research/PhD students are not permitted to work more than 6 hours per week as stated on the International Visa agreement even if your immigration permission allows you 10 or 20 hours of work per week.

Progress on your course

You are expected to progress and sit any/all examinations in each semester. Failure to progress at a satisfactory rate will either result in removal of sponsorship or a refusal to re-sponsor at the time of your visa expiry.

Attend all classes

You are required to attend all classes regularly and punctually. Research students must attend campus daily or notify their supervisors. If you are, absent for four consecutive monitored sessions or two weeks without notification, we may withdraw your sponsorship and report to UKVI.

Keep us updated

The Home Office/UKVI requires us to hold a copy of your documents and up to date contact details on file.

You must notify the University of any changes to your contact details or any exceptional circumstance within 5 working days of the change occurring.

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Attend all monthly sign-in sessions

You are also required to sign in at your faculty office and bring along a copy of your passport & visa and police registration certificate (if applicable). Your faculty will provide the sign-in instructions at the time of registration.

Notify of your absence during term time

If you want to request leave during term time or were absent from class for a valid reason (e.g. illness etc.), you must fill in an absence authorisation form and provide satisfactory evidence where applicable.

Please note that if you travel without an approved leave of absence we may withdraw your sponsorship and report to UKVI

The Course Director, School/Faculty Office and the Compliance unit, must approve the authorised absence.

  • You must complete an Authorised Absence Form.
  • Request approval from the Course Director/ PhD Supervisor.
  • The Course Director should approve the authorised absence/ PhD supervisor, and submit the approved form to the Faculty/School office.

Please contact the Compliance Team if you need discuss your leave or have any queries.