Your home away from home

Our University-managed accommodation is reasonably priced, comfortable and modern.

Guarantee to international students

We will guarantee a room in University-managed accommodation to all international students as long as you have submitted your accommodation application form and paid the booking fee by 31 July.

How to book University accommodation

As a student, you can only book accommodation once you have been accepted onto a course of study at Ulster University. See here. details on the application process. You should read the information for International Students. You should then Register/Apply and pay a booking fee of £100 here.

Tier 4 visa students will only be able to book accommodation after we have issued their CAS.

Once you have been offered a room in accommodation and accepted this offer then the booking fee becomes non-refundable. The booking fee covers three elements:

  • Insures student personal possessions within their room.
  • The University against non-attributable damage in communal areas outside the apartment.
  • Contributes to the social fund for the Residents Committee.

Find out more about each of the University's campus-based accommodation sites and price lists.