Non-European exchange

To be eligible for a student exchange programme the scheme must be permitted as part of your University degree programme and you must meet all the criteria set out by your department.

Most of our partner institutions require that you have completed at least year one of your degree programme and are in good academic standing.

How to apply

Student exchange programmes are available for one semester or a full academic year. Most students travelling from Ulster University go abroad for the full academic year.

Please complete the course directors release form and submit to the study abroad team who will advise and guide you through the application process.They will also be a point of contact, together with your course tutor and or studies advisor, when you are abroad.

Where can I study?

We have student exchange agreements with partner universities in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong and the United States – below you will find further details on each opportunity.

The subject area provides details of where there are any restrictions on eligibility, for example, only students from the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences are eligible to apply for an exchange programme with Monash University.

However, the majority of exchange opportunities with partner institutions are open to all current Ulster University students.


Universidad Argentina de la Empresa | Buenos Aires | Non-specific
Universidad Del Cema | Buenos Aires | Non-specific


Monash University | Victoria | Life and Health Sciences only
University of New South Wales | New South Wales | Non-specific


Universidade de Ribeirao Preto (UNAERP) | São Paulo | Non-specific


University of Guelph Humber | Toronto | Non-specific
University of Waterloo | Ontario | Arts, Engineering and Science


Universidad Del Desarrollo | Concepción | Non-specific

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Kowloon | Food and Nutrition
Lingnan University | Lingnan | Non-specific


National Taipei University of Technology | Taipei City | Non-specific

United States of America

Bellarmine University | Kentucky | Non-specific
Kansas State University | Kansas | Non-specific
Kent State University | Ohio | Non-specific 
Rider University | New Jersey | Non-specific
Regis University | Colorado | Non-specific
Roanoke College | Virginia | Non-specific

University of Missouri - St Louis |   Missouri | Non-specific
University of North Carolina at Greensboro | North Carolina | Non-specific
Warren Wilson College | North Carolina | Student Exchange