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If you study on the Science, Technology & Engineering pathway you will study the following modules:

Foundation in Science & Technology

20 credits - semester 1 - compulsory

This module will provide you with a foundation in a range of Life and Health Science subjects, including Biomedical Sciences, Health Sciences, Psychology and Sports Sciences. It will also introduce you to the use of laboratory equipment in a scientific environment in preparation for progression to your bachelor degree.

Foundation in Mathematics

20 credits - semester 1 - compulsory

This module will provide you with the necessary Mathematics to support you in your study of a Science, Technology or Engineering subject at degree level.  It provides an introduction to the core areas of Mathematics that form the foundation of the Science, Engineering and Technology courses taught at Ulster University.

Introduction to Physiology and Chemistry

20 credits - semester 2 - optional

This module offers you a solid introduction to the key aspects of Biological Sciences and how these form the basis for many of the programmes offered in the fields of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biochemistry and health-related studies.

This module delivers first-class Physiology and Chemistry teaching, through practical sessions, where the application of this knowledge is set in real world examples.  This module is recommended if you wish to study a bachelor degree in the areas of Life and Health Sciences.

Introduction to Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment

20 credits - semester 2 - optional

The aim of this module is to give you a broad understanding of the range of Science, Technology and Engineering disciplines to which you can progress.  You will develop an understanding of the Computing, Engineering and Built Environment disciplines, which will support you in relation to identifying the degree progression route best aligned with your individual interests and skill-set.

This module is recommended if you wish to study a bachelor degree in the areas of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment.

Language, Academic and Cultural Modules

During the first semester you will focus on developing your English language skills to gain the level required to study English and the academic modules in semester two.

English with Study Skills

20 credits – semester 1 – compulsory for students with IELTS level 5.0-5.5

English with Study Skills is a foundation course in English for academic purposes. Students develop skills for understanding and processing academic input in the English language medium, and learn how to speak and write effectively at university.

Compulsory for students with an IELTS score of 5.0-5.5 and students who need to acquire an IELTS score of 6 or above, in order to meet the criteria set out by the chosen progression degree.

Extending Critical Thinking for Undergraduate Study

20 credits – semester 1 – compulsory for students with IELTS level 6.0 and above

This module seeks to harness English Language capabilities and develop Critical Thinking to raise levels of written English. This module will inform, develop and challenge your ability to engage in normative thinking strategies. Critical thinking will enhance your interest, motivation and success in a given subject. These skills can be transferred into writing in English and in preparation for academic readiness, success and progression.

English for Academic Transition

20 credits – compulsory – compulsory for students with IELTS 5.5

English for Academic Transition enables students to consolidate and further enhance the language and study skills acquired in the Semester 1 module English with Study Skills.  Successful completion of this module indicates a level of competence in English appropriate for undergraduate study at Ulster University.

Compulsory for students who have completed English for Study Skills module who need to acquire a IELTS level higher than 6.0 in order to meet the criteria set out by their progression degree.

Exploring Cultural Identities

20 credits – Semester 2 – Compulsory for all students

This module offers all students, for both pathways, the opportunity to learn together and explore ideas and realities of culture, as well as, self, group, community and national identities. The module offers students time to explore ideas unique to their own cultural identity against the backdrop of cultural identity issues specific to Northern Ireland. Providing students with a coherent, impartial analysis of the cultural identity themes that have shaped Northern Ireland society, is central to this module's delivery.

By so doing, we offer the student a context for an emergent modern society into which they can draw comparisons, differences and value judgements from their own experience of cultural identity.

Project-Based Learning

20 credits – semester 2 – compulsory for students with IELTS level 6.0 and above

This module provides opportunities for students to select an issue-based problem, specific to their chosen academic pathway (STE or BAHSS) upon which they will carry out investigative research. Students may also place this issue-based scenario module within the context of their home country, whereby they can draw upon existing underpinning knowledge.

This module seeks to develop a heightened knowledge of the chosen pathway subject, as well as building on intrapersonal and academic skills including; decision-making, problem-solving, time-management, writing for purpose / audience, data handling, report writing and research methods.

Compulsory for students with an IELTS score of 6.0 or above.

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