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Its not only what we have to do and say. Its how we do it. How we say it. This strategic plan is more than a framework for achieving our ambitions and aspirations. It is also a statement about who we are, what we stand for and how collectively we will deliver the plan.

We have set ourselves a challenging and stretching vision. As momentum builds it will be increasingly important to draw upon values that build unity and purpose. With our people as our richest asset, our values will set the standard for how we work together in delivering the vision of the University.

Our values will help Ulster University grow as  a community and will set us apart. Bringing our Five & Fifty plan to fruition through respectful engagement also ensures that we stay true to our founding values as we build our future vision together.

Identifying the values that best capture the spirit and culture of Ulster University followed in-depth consultation with our staff and students. Six broad areas emerged as important and distinctive to the Ulster community and our optimum working culture. These are encapsulated within  our values and articulated as:

  • integrity, which means we are respectful
  • spirit, which means we are inspiring
  • living knowledge, which means we are relevant
  • unity, which means we are collaborative
  • openness, which means we are engaging
  • fresh-thinking, which means we are pioneering.

As we adopt and live out these values, we will engender a culture of civility and courtesy, where diversity is embraced and relationships are built on trust and respect. Staff will inspire students, through their own passion, to have drive and self-belief. They will ensure that students have a broad educational experience and develop invaluable life skills to build successful futures.

Cross-departmental teams will bring together skills and expertise to ensure the best results for the University through collaborative working. Our people will be empowered to deliver individually and in partnership  with colleagues and external stakeholders. Our global outlook and mindset will help create an international profile for Ulster University, with a reputation for leading  in key fields of study and research.

As we deliver our strategic plan, the University will continue to evolve and  grow. We will regularly review our values  and vision to ensure they reflect  the university we want to be.

Five Year Strategic Plan
Fiftieth Year Strategic Vision