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We are mindful of the significant impact that COVID-19 is having on our suppliers and their supply chain.

We recommend that UK businesses seek immediate guidance on how to access support from the UK Government and utilise the advice provided by NI Business Info.

If you have outstanding orders for Ulster University, please contact the named member of staff on the purchase order who is responsible for ensuring that access arrangements are in place to accept delivery at the location stated on the purchase order. If there is no person named on the purchase order please email quoting the purchase order number and someone from the procurement team will come back to you.

There will be orders placed for critical goods and services during this time, and suppliers must only accept official Ulster University purchase orders via our e5 Finance system. The University will never send you purchase orders via staff members email.

Our Payment and Procurement teams are working to ensure that payments to suppliers are being made promptly.

Please ensure that the purchase order number is quoted on all invoices. You can also now send your invoices electronically to

The Procurement Office is operational and can be contacted on

Distribution Fraud

Ulster University has seen an increase in distribution fraud. Please see information on Distribution Fraud issued by the City of London Police. All suppliers should be aware of these guidelines to prevent or identify fraud.