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Procurement Forms and Templates



New Supplier

Part 1 of this form must be downloaded and fully completed before sending it to the Procurement Office.  Ensure that a supplier does not already exist on the e5 database that could provide the goods or service you require.

It should also be noted that the form must be completed and signed by the requestor i.e. the person requiring the goods/service and not the administrative staff member.


Single Tender Action (STA) Justification Form

The Single Tender Action (STA) form needs to be downloaded, completed and approved and attached to the e5 requisition when a contract is awarded to a contractor without a competition.

Non-competitive tendering should be avoided wherever possible but where such action is unavoidable, single supplier proposals should, as far as possible be checked for value for money (VFM). For further information see attached guidance or contact the Procurement Team directly.

Templates for Devolved Procurement

DescriptionTemplate TypeGuidance
Supplies and Services

ITQ Checklist
ITQ Document (Lowest Price)
Validation Form (Lowest Price)
ITQ Document (MEAT) - Qualitative and Price
MEAT  Scoring Matrix
Award Letter
Regret Letter

Devolved Procurement

Purchase Card Forms

For further details on the Purchase Card please click here or contact the Purchase Card Administrator

DescriptionTemplate TypeGuidance
Purchase Card

Application Form

Purchased Card Employment Agreement Form

Transaction Log

Purchase Card Change Request Form

Purchase Card Policy