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Evidence suggests that businesses which innovate grow nearly twice as quickly in both employment and turnover as non-innovators, helping to fuel the economic growth of a region.

The Centre provides a unique range of support tools to complement your business including the Consumer Insight Lab using Virtual Reality technology, our Big Data Hub utilising market intelligence information and shopper loyalty card data, the Food and Consumer Sensory Testing suite for sensory evaluation and product development activity and The Academy Restaurant for testing concepts for food service.

Through our accredited Masters programme, CPD courses and consultancy work the Centre offers expertise in the following areas: marketing, shopper insight, new product development, innovation, data analytics, business improvement and supply chain management.

Harnessing customer insights using relevant technology and market information,  , we are advancing the industry’s understanding of how to innovate, develop new product concepts and become thought leaders within their sector.

Our aims

The Food and Drink Business Development Centre seeks to:

  1. Deliver courses to support the development of knowledge and skills within the Food and Drinks industry
  2. Support the Food and Drink Industry with academic and commercial research for business development and growth
  3. Provide policy makers with the best evidence available to inform decisions relating to the Food and Drink Industry