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Ulster University Trading and Investment Club (UUTIC) is a growing and active society with the aim of educating its members on trading and investing through guest speakers, competitions and educational seminars.

Membership is actively encouraged amongst students from every subject within the university with an interest in trading and investing in the financial markets.

The benefits of becoming a member:

  • An opportunity to develop crucial skills for the workplace, and your studies, such as team-working, presentation, management and marketing skills.
  • Learning how to trade financial securities either virtually or through using real money.
  • Something that looks great on the CV for the ever-expanding Financial Services/Fintech sector in Northern Ireland.
  • A chance to network with these leading Financial Services/Fintech firms.
  • Opportunities to start developing knowledge and skills in something new!

If you are interested in joining or obtaining more details then you can contact the UUTIC at