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Digital transformation requires organizations to empower people to make the necessary shifts in mindset, behaviours, skills, and habits. As a student, the better prepared you are to make those shifts, the more marketable job candidate you will be. That's why you should join us for the Digital Transformation Journey Conference (7, 8, 14 & 15 October) created specifically for students. It's the opportunity to supercharge your digital powers and be prepared for your future.

Wednesday 14 October

Real Life. Real Experiences.

Gareth Irvine, Founder, Copeland Distillery
Dr. Andrea Reid, Programme Dir. MSc Marketing, Ulster University

Join Andrea as she interviews her former student. Learn how Gareth pivoted his thriving business from Irish gin and Northern Ireland's original ginfusions to hand sanitizer amid the pandemic. Rather than shut down, he took bold steps to meet the demands of the market.

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Wednesday 14 October

2pm to 3pm


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