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Digital transformation requires organizations to empower people to make the necessary shifts in mindset, behaviours, skills, and habits. As a student, the better prepared you are to make those shifts, the more marketable job candidate you will be. That's why you should join us for the Digital Transformation Journey Conference (7, 8, 14 & 15 October) created specifically for students. It's the opportunity to supercharge your digital powers and be prepared for your future.

Thursday 15 October

Measuring the Effect of Your Marketing Superpowers
Fredrik Sjostedt, Sr. Director - Digital, Extreme Networks

Hear how a proven leader uses technology to learn the insights and analytics from his organization and leverages them to make critical business decisions. Fredrik will share the accountability that you will face as professional marketers and why every single pound counts.

Insights to Supercharge Your Career
Wasif Khan, COO, Marvel Marketers

Arm yourself with the right trends in your industry and leverage new insights to craft a purposeful career in Digital Marketing. Prepare to work with some of the largest, most exciting logos globally to help fuel their digital transformation.

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Thursday 15 October

2pm to 3pm


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