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As the pace of change accelerates across the economic and business landscape, Richard Johnston, Deputy Director, Ulster University Economic Policy Centre examines the global and local economic impacts to date, and explains ways in which businesses can reach for economic recovery.

In this episode, our expert host will discuss the following topics:

  • Healthcare - death rates are low historically and relative to the rest of the UK, but NI is not out of the woods just yet
  • Recession and re-ignition - employees are returning to the workplace from furlough and economic activity is returning across a range of indicators
  • Policies in place and cliff edges -  current supports available and to when
  • Record public spending levels in NI
  • How the most vulnerable might bear the brunt of the recession
  • Why we should prepare for the upturn – it will happen

Please note, this event is open to everyone and spaces are limited.

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Monday 29 June

9.15am to 9.45am


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